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The digital platform 360finance.guru and FINGYM Financial Wellness programme was originally developed by Europe's recognized financial expert, Miha Urek. His friendship with Raphael Ricardo Emanuel developed into a partnership and an opportunity to bring this technology to the shores of Africa.

Identifying the advantages of time saving and convenience in the financial advisory industry, Raphael Ricardo Emanuel went to Slovenia to explore this uniquely developed tool. He instantly recognised the many similarities within their industries. The challenges of personal finances are a universal phenomenon and this tool addresses the most fundamental questions - What is the score of my financial health and how can I prepare a simple plan to improve my finances? As this process can be very difficult, this tool will introduce a new standard into the Ghana financial industry.

The tool is without unnecessary financial slang and in easy understandable language. No surreptitious advertising of the financial industry and finally, FUN! He has many years of experience in the financial industry. His decorative career are evident of his core values of being impartial, ethical, transparent and client orientated.



    With over 18 years of experience in Telecoms and related industry, Rapahel is considered an expert in Technical and Business Strategy.

    He is currently a Director Head of Operations for Silver Rock Technology Services and TVAnywhere Prior to co founding Silver Rock Technology Services, he worked with Ericsson, one of the biggest Multi National Telecom companies globally.

    During his time at Ericsson, he occupied roles as Head of solutions and Technical Strategy for MTN West Africa Account and Milicom Sub Sahara Africa Accounts He has lived and worked in many countries including Jamaica, Trinidad Tobago, Surinam, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Ghana, Tanzania, and Senegal.

    Over the years he has built competence in all Mobile Technologies including 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th and 5 th Generations cellular networks and is also well adopted in working with Business and Operation subsystems Raphael holds a BSc in Telecommunications Electronics Engineering from the Universidad Tecnologica de La Havana, Jose Antonio Echevaria in La Havana, Cuba.



    Femi Banigbe is a technology business leader with over 21 years industry experience He is currently the Managing Partner at TV Anywhere Prior to co founding Silver Rock Technology Services, he was the immediate past Chief Operations Officer of Millicom Ghana Limited, the Operator of the TIGO Network in Ghana where he was responsible for driving the overall operations strategy of the business in Ghana.

    He had also functioned as the acting CEO for Millicom Ghana as well as the Chief Technical Officer for Millicom Ghana Prior to joining Millicom Ghana, he was the Chief Technical Officer for Millicom international Cellular Tanzania where he helped drive the technology strategy of the business in the East African country Femi worked with Airtel Nigeria as the Director of Operations.

    He also worked with Ericsson, the world's leading Telecommunication equipment and service provider, as the Network Support Group Manager for Access and Transport Networks He is a member of the Advisory Board of Kirusa Group (a USA based market in leader in the company provision of Multimedia Messaging and other Value Services solutions for the emerging markets telecom operators.

    He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, an MBA from Manchester Business School and successfully completed the Advanced Management Program at London Business School.

  • MIHA UREK Founder

    MIHA UREKFounder

    Miha is the mastermind and the CEO of the 360finance.guru as well as the author of the book The Mindset of a Champion – a handbook for personal finances and lifestyle of a modern professional athlete, published by the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. He is also the author of the first financial educational programme for professional athletes in Europe, which he developed together with his co-workers under the aegis of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia and as the first on the world also under the sponsorship of the International Olympic Committee.

    With over 13 years of experience, Miha is one of the leading European experts in the field of personal financial consultancy, wealth management and financial wellness as well as in the field of FinTech and InsurTech.

    Over all these years, he also works as personal financial adviser and wealth manager. He started his work in financial industry soon after he has finished his study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Maribor and obtaining the title Bachelor of Economic and Electrical Engineering. He is the author of numerous articles in the field of management of personal finances.

    Miha Urek

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Our mission

Numerous studies all over the world confirm that financial illiteracy is the main reason for most financial problems of individuals today. According to the latest research, the financial literacy of South Africans deserves an alarming score two, to use mathematical terms, meaning that the majority of South Africans does not think about their financial future and has unregulated finances.

360finance.guru wishes to raise the financial literacy of all individuals and to help them arrange their finances. Our mission is to make each person aware as to how his current decisions influence his future. We wish to help you to take control over your personal finances and to improve your key decisions regarding the management of your personal finances and your assets. Our wish for you is to eliminate your financial stress and to live a more comfortable life.

FINGYM d.o.o. is the owner of the 360finance.guru application and a bronze partner of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. Our experts have developed a financial educational programme for professional athletes for the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. This is the first such financial educational programme in Europe. The programme was established under the aegis of the International Olympic Committee.

FinGym SA (Pty) Ltd has the exclusive right to use the 360finance.guru application within South Africa under the license agreement.